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Moving Goods From Here to There

Posted by John Shepperson | Oct 21, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Improving the speed and consistency at which you meet your customers’ needs is the best way to maintain an advantage over competitors. You must be reliable, reduce wait-time, and offer solutions quickly, making it easy for customers to do business with you.

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Inventory Management and Automation

Posted by John Shepperson | Oct 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Businesses generate success through a combination of daily operations. Merchandising, bookkeeping, staffing, marketing, and customer service are crucial to promoting stability and growth. While most business owners understand how important it is to keep track of what goes on in their establishment, the amount of data to collect and sort through can be overwhelming.

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Branching Out Efficiently: Managing Inventory at Multiple Facilities

Posted by John Shepperson | Oct 7, 2015 11:30:00 AM

There are few things more beneficial for a business than having employees who are experienced in their industry and in that particular facility. Because every business is different, and every business has strengths and weaknesses, long-term employees are valuable for running processes with the strengths and weaknesses in mind. This is especially true for inventory management, because the longer an employee works at a business, the more they learn. They know their stockroom's layout, how to use the inventory management system, and they have a handle on what sells well and what doesn’t. Utilizing these employees’ skills can improve your inventory management, improve customer service, and lead to higher profits.

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The Art of Simplifying Your Inventory Management

Posted by John Shepperson | Sep 30, 2015 11:04:00 AM

Every smart manager knows that a thriving business requires constant attention to remain thriving. Employees, for example, must receive the proper training and be in a positive, healthy environment. Some industries have certain procedures and regulations to follow/meet, and you must craft your customer service regulations and methods with your strategic plan in mind.

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Use Inventory Management Software to Ease Expansion

Posted by John Shepperson | Sep 23, 2015 2:30:00 PM

The stockroom is one of the most important parts of a successful business. Customer service, employee training, advertising, and other business processes are also important, of course, but good inventory management is critical. Without keeping an appropriate amount of physical inventory in stock based on sales numbers, you won't meet your financial objectives. Inventory management is easy at a single location, but a greater level of attention must be given to physical inventory when one is considering business expansion.

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You Should Already Be Using Inventory Management Software

Posted by John Shepperson | Sep 16, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Starting a business involves a long list of “to-dos” – choose a location, hire employees, obtain building or operating licenses, advertise, etc. Once you are up and running, you must manage employees, organize shipping and receiving schedules, handle inventory, deal with customers, and more. With so much work to do, many businesses are utilizing inventory management software to make at least one task easier.

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Asset Tracking Software

Posted by John Shepperson | Sep 9, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Today's world is fast-paced and changing – no matter what field of business you’re in – and keeping up with a growing global market presents a challenge. Knowing what tools are available to assist you in managing your company's assets can help you choose the software that's right for you.

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6 Steps Toward Better Inventory Management

Posted by John Shepperson | Sep 2, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Over the years, businesses have created and implemented numerous different inventory management techniques in an attempt to improve profit through decreased costs. Although each system works in a different way, the following principles are universal to inventory management. Along with a good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, these 6 steps are the key to good inventory management.

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5 Reasons to Use ERP in The Cloud

Posted by John Shepperson | Aug 26, 2015 2:30:00 PM

When it comes to running your business processes, having an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is highly advantageous. More and more frequently, ERPs are being used in the cloud, which has even more advantages, including:

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Purchasing Trends: Understanding Consumer Choices and Behaviors

Posted by John Shepperson | Aug 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Every good business needs enthusiastic staff members, experienced managers, and a well-stocked inventory to give customers the best experience possible. But sometimes you want your business to exceed expectations and go above and beyond when it comes to being a first choice for customers.

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